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Quotable Texas Women

Compiled by Susie Kelly Flatau and Lou Halsell Rodenberger.
Softback, 174 pages, quotations.
$12.95 plus shipping. An additional 8.25% sales tax will apply, if in Texas.
Selected quotations
by a sampling of the women
who have called Texas “home.”
“When I was ten years old, mother had the flu. I was giving the house a once-over for Sunday, and Daddy
introduced me to his philosophy — ‘It’s the corners that count.’ As he swept the  floor he pulled out the
rocking chairs, cedar chests, and tables. He even pulled out the heavy oil stove and kitchen cabinet.
The room was not clean until it was swept in the corners. True with painting, polishing, gardening,
shipbuilding, bookkeeping, and all other matters of life, ‘It’s the corners that count.’” — Virginia Hall Irby

“One thing is clear to me: We, as human beings, must be willing to accept
people who are different from ourselves.” — Barbara Jordan

“Teachers open the door; you enter it by yourself.” — Loula Grace Erdman

“It isn’t easy to manage matters of the heart.” — Carlyn Luke Reding

“Loving someone is more difficult than being loved. Love demands we lose some of our heart
in order to find someone else’s heart..” — Sherry Craven

“When we flew the replica Spirit of St. Louis, Verne Jobst, senior pilot for United Airlines, told me
the secret to being a good tailwheel pilot was to always keep my feet and my fanny moving the same
direction. I’ve found that philosophy works for just about everything that happens in life.” — Nancy Robinson Masters

“Keeping the goal in mind is important, but enjoying the process along the way is crucial. ” — Dot Woodfin

“Any committee is only as good as the most knowledgeable, determined, and vigorous person on it.
There must be somebody who provides the flame.” — Lady Bird Johnson

“Live your life in such a way that you have great stories to tell.” — Jo Virgil

“If you go there alone, late on a day in the springtime, you find a haven of stillness and joy.
The stillness is almost like silence, but is in truth made up of countless sounds coming
out of the cemetery plant life and the surrounding ranch pasture like part of the soft blessing
air: a diapason of mingled high notes from insects and small birds — wrens, sparrows,
finches, all the little brown birds that hide anonymously away in bushes and tall grass. ” — Jane Gilmore Rushing

“It has taken me years to learn that I cannot take good care
of others unless I first take good care of myself.” — Pat Flathouse

“Greatness is everywhere. It surrounds us every day, in everything we see. It hides in the accomplishments
of ordinary people, passing unnoticed, in little things like barbecue.” — Lisa Wingate

“Gratitude goes deeper and lasts longer than merely being thankful.” — Cindy Weigand

“When the mind is present in the heart, we call it happiness.” — Betty Sue Flowers

“We learned from our German heritage that mealtime is an important part of the day, not only for
sustenance, but as a time for family and friends to keep in touch. We are ever mindful of the fact
that love and care go into the preparation of food, whether the preparation takes five minutes or five
hours. Then, when it is prepared, everyone, including the cook, should sit down and leisurely enjoy
the meal as a celebration of life and in gratitude for the bounty on the table.” — Candy Wagner and Sandra Marquez

“Nothing like a lot of distracting saber-rattling to get you to take your eyes off the shell with the pea under it. ” — Molly Ivans

“Told long enough, or granted enough significance, stories become myth, and myth becomes the psyche of culture,
the commonly held knowledge by which a culture defines and describes itself and its members. ” — Nancy Baker Jones

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