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Selected original art and portraiture
by Sherry Hall Shelton.

A native of Brazoria County, Texas, Sherry Hall Shelton has studied art at the Turner Studios in Houston, the Washington School of Art, study programs in Europe, and numerous professional workshops. While presenting her art in various juried competitions in Texas and Oklahoma, Ms Shelton has won a full roster of prestigious professional-division awards. She has been commissioned for and completed several large public art and mural project in Brazoria County and East Texas, has been featured in numerous solo art exhibitions, as well as duo and multi-artist exhibitions. Ms Shelton ’s art has been featured in a television segment of “ The Eyes of Texas,” formerly hosted by the late Ron Stone.

 In 1997 Sherry received a grant from the Texas Commission of the Arts to paint an outdoor mural in Marshall, Texas for the Harrison County Boys and Girls Club facility. That work was recorded on film for the local television audiences.
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and Artistic Statement
Remembering Summers Past
Babies in Waiting
© All included images and art.
 Copyright, 1995 - 2009
 Sherry Hall Shelton

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Devils or Angels?
A Change of Season
Fun for Two
Home Furnishings,
Accessories, Design,
& Sleep Shop
P.O.Box 637
122 N. Highway B-288
Clute, Brazoria County
Texas 77531
The Yellow Bridge of Morris County #2310
A Boy and His Dog
Behind the House


Charlie at 18 Months
The Law, aka Shorty
The Wild Bunch
Flacon de Neige
1. “Remembering Summers Past,” oil on canvas.
2. “Babies in Waiting,” oil on canvas.    SOLD
3. “Devils or Angels?,” oil on canvas.
4. “Fun for Two,” oil on canvas.
5. “A Change of Seasons,” oil on canvas.
6. “The Yellow Bridge of Morris County #2310,” oil on canvas.
7. “A Boy and His Dog,” pastel on paper.
8. “Behind the House,” oil on canvas.
9. “The Wild Bunch,” oil on canvas.    SOLD
10. “Flacon de Neige,” oil on canvas.
11. “The Law, aka Shorty,” oil on canvas.
12. “Charlie at 18 Months,” pastel on paper.
13. “Curly in Clay,” formed from clay. Two views.
14. “Mama Said No,” pastel on paper.
15. “Gone, But Not Forgotten,” oil on canvas.
In-store photos
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© All included images and art.
 Copyright, 1995 - 2009
 Sherry Hall Shelton
Mama Said No
Gone, But Not Forgotten
Always cheerful, Sherry’s attitude toward her art is this:
I enjoy painting all subjects and in all mediums. When someone asks why I paint the particular subjects I choose, I reply, ‘Why not?’ I am constantly asked which medium is my favorite. My answer is always the same, ‘The medium I am currently working in. If I had to choose only one subject, one medium, it would have to be portraits in oil. Each one is the human subject, but each one has a different personality, different ‘feel.’ I start all my paintings with an abstract design and develop to the impressionistic stage and eventually to realism. I work on all elements of the composition simultaneously and the painting could be called finished at any stage. It is my goal to make all paintings as strong in design and art theory as possible and I work to make every portrait/painting a good painting as well as a
good likeness of the subject matter. I try to make each painting speak to the viewer and make the strongest statement possible with the chosen subject and medium. The ultimate competition, for me, is always the next painting. I compete with myself. Setting at least three new goals with each successive painting, it must be better in design, value, and temperature (color) above all else. Those reasons change once again if the painting is a commissioned one. The client is my partner and I must be flexible and use the input of information given to me by that person. Following the completion and delivery of a portrait, it is both relaxing and a process of renewal for me to loosen up and do large, abstract pieces. Murals and theater sets have also been the prescription I have used.
A partial Client List for Sherry’s work:

Stephen F. Austin Elementary School Library, Jones Creek,Texas - mural, 1990
Dr. and Mrs. David Brown, Longview, Texas - mural, 1996
Dr. and Mrs. David Brown, Longview, Texas. - mural, 1998
Image Gallery at ArkLaTex Color Labs, Longview, Texas - seven murals, 005
Mr. and Mrs. Davis Whitehurst, Longview, Texas - mural, 2005
Deb’s Downtown Cafe, Longview, Texas - mural, 2000
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Hamer, Longview, Texas - two murals, 2005
Danbury Elementary School Library, Danbury, Texas - mural, 2005
Special Effects Hair Salon, Lake Jackson, Texas - mural, 2005
Stephen F. Austin Elementary School Library, Jones Creek, Texas - mural repairs, 2007
Irby’s Home Furnishings, Clute, Texas - framed art, 2008
Plantation House, Lake Jackson, Texas - framed art, 2008
Mr. and Mrs. Luke Lukenbach, Churchill, Texas - mural, 2009
Danbury High School Library, Danbury, Texas - mural, 2009

Sherry has displayed work at these Brazosport Art League Satelite Galleries:
Clute City Hall, Clute, Texas
Lake Jackson Civic Center, Lake Jackson, Texas
Dow Chemical, A.P.Buetel Building, Freeport, Texas

Sherry also donates time and talent to the Brazosport Center Stages
at The Center for the Arts and Sciences in Clute, Texas in the form of set design and painting.

Sherry’s paintings are in private collections in the state of Washington, New Mexico, Colorado, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Georgia, Florida, New York, Michigan, Massachusetts, Canada, and Switzerland. She has numerous paintings in corporate collections, including Dow Chemical Company, Phillips Petroleum, and other businesses along the Texas and Louisiana coast. Sherry accepts commissions, teaches classes in her studio and in the Brazosport Art League studio, and conducts workshops in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana.
Curly in Clay
Art Originals
© All included images and art.
 Copyright, 1995 - 2009
 Sherry Hall Shelton