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Virginia Hall, 1939
 These recollections were made by me, Virginia Irby, at the age of 79. Six years ago the doctors said that I lost 85% of my vocabulary when I had a stroke. I regained a good bit, but still fumble for many words. I generalized some of the dates, and forgot some of the names. It is typical for people who have had strokes to remember things that happened years ago, and they don't know what they did yesterday. Some incidents have been girdled with confusion, sometimes with humor, and sometimes just incidentally. At any rate, the language of the journal is wrapped with love to my family. We have worked to uphold its reputation as a family, in the church, in the business, and in the community.      
                                                                                     Virginia Hall Irby, 11 March 1997
[Virginia Hall Irby died from complications of Parkinson’s Disease, 17 April 2004]
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Chapter 1  (1900 - 1930)
Chapter 2  (1931 - 1940)
Chapter 3  (1941 - 1945)
Chapter 4  (1946 - 1957)
Chapter 5  (1958 - 1965)
Chapter 6  (1966 - 1979)
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